Legal translation in Saint Petersburg – translation of texts and documents into foreign languages

Legal Translation

Legal documents must be translated in the following circumstances:

■   The document is to be submitted to the public authorities of another state, in which case it must be translated into the official language of the state, notarized and, in some cases, legalized.

■   The document regulates the legal relationship between legal entities or individuals from different countries. Such documents are normally translated into English (the commonly accepted language for international communication), in which case the version in the original language prevails.

In both cases, the original document and its translation should be identical. To this end, we agree with our customer upon the terminology to be used in the translated text.

The structure and language used in a legal document are intrinsically linked to the legal system under which they were developed. It is, therefore, essential for the translator to have a clear understanding of how this system functions and to make use of a wide variety of reference sources.

Manufacturing companies often submit legal documents as appendices or accompanied by different types of documents. The legal documents can contain many technical terms and concepts. A good example of such “hybrid” translations are EPC contracts, which require the collaboration of both legal and technical translators.

We translate:

■   Licenses and certificates

■   Court judgments

■   Bank and tax documents

■   Charter documents of legal entities

■   Powers of attorney

■   Apostilles and notarial certificates

■   Contracts

■   Agreements, memorandums and reports

■   Regulatory acts, laws and draft laws

Our major partners: The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation

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