Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous is the most challenging form of interpretation, as it entails the translation of speech in real time. This naturally calls for the utmost professionalism and we take great care in selecting the right candidates for the job. Alongside interpreting experience, we also take into account our interpreters’ area of expertise.

Advantages of simultaneous interpreting?

■   It significantly reduces the duration of the event, as no additional time is required for interpreting

■   Interpretation is possible into multiple languages simultaneously – the interpreters sit in closed booths (or beside the person who requires the interpretation services) and so do not cause any disturbance to the audience or each other; their translations are transmitted to the audience via headphones

■   The speech can be delivered uninterrupted, as the speaker does not need to pause for the interpreter to translate what has been said

■   The overall status of the event is enhanced

Simultaneous interpreting services enjoy the greatest demand at international conferences, exhibitions, presentations and other large-scale events with a wide international audience. They are occasionally also used at smaller-scale meetings, webinars or round-table discussions.

We offer the following types of simultaneous interpreting to suit the different sizes and types of events:

■   Interpretation by ear is the most common and challenging form of interpreting, when interpreters simultaneously transmit what they hear via headphones to the audience

■   Unprepared translation at sight is when an interpreter receives a copy of a speech immediately before an event and interprets it at sight, in parallel with the speaker, making adjustments when necessary

■   Prepared translation at sight is when an interpreter gets a copy of a speech in advance and translates it prior to the event, making the necessary adjustments on the day, in accordance with the speaker’s actual speech and any deviations he or she makes from the original text

■   Whispered interpreting or “chuchotage” is normally used when the installation of simultaneous interpreting equipment is unfeasible. The interpreter whispers to the customer while the speaker is talking, thereby providing interpretation services for a single person

We are ready to provide you with any of the above simultaneous interpreting services and to rent out any equipment you need (simultaneous interpreter booths, sound-amplifying equipment and headphones for the interpreters and audience). We can also supply highly-qualified audio technicians for the event.

Organization and preparation of work

When we accept your order, our managers will agree upon the following terms of service with you:

■   The time and venue of the event

■   The need for renting any equipment

■   The number of interpreters required (due to the high mental stress experienced on the job, any presentation more than thirty minutes long will require two simultaneous interpreters to divide the work between them)

■   The direction of the translation and language pairs

Please be aware that the success of our interpreters’ work depends very much on the preliminary preparation, which requires familiarization with the subject-matter of the event. So you are welcome to provide us with any conference materials, texts of speeches, glossaries and lists of abbreviations. This allows our interpreters to be fully informed of the subject-matter and improves the all-round quality of the interpretation.

We guarantee our partners strict confidentiality. All our interpreters sign non-disclosure agreements.

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