Consecutive interpretation services

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is when the translator steps in after each phrase to render its meaning into the target language. Rather than translating in parallel with the speech, as is the case with simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreters speak during the regular pauses made by the speaker.

We recommend consecutive interpreting for:

1.       Any events or meetings, such as business meetings, scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums, briefings, presentations, round-table discussions, receptions, parties or celebrations when:

■   One foreign language is used

■   The event is relatively short

■   There are a small number of participants

■   There are multiple forms of communication, such as brief statements, Q&A sessions, occasional remarks or personal communication with individuals

Given the above conditions, simultaneous interpretation would be hard to justify financially or to implement technically.

2.     Events involving a great deal of movement, such as sight-seeing tours or guided tours to industrial sites, on-site meetings and the escorting of foreign delegations or foreign experts working at an enterprise during the installation, configuration or commissioning of production equipment.

3.   For phone negotiations.

4.     While performing notarial acts, when the person who is appearing before the notary does not speak the required language and wishes to certify a transaction, apply for power of attorney or write a will.

Our professional interpreters are widely recognized for their subtle knowledge of business etiquette, their respect for the dress and conduct codes at any event, and their ability to tactfully handle any conflicts. We take all these factors into consideration when selecting an interpreter for your project.

Organization and preparation of work

When we accept your order, our managers will agree upon the following terms of service with you:

■   Deadlines for providing our services

■   Number of required working hours of the interpreters

■   Subject-matter expected to be covered

■   Direction of translation and language pairs

Our interpreters’ qualifications, experience and professional expertise mean that we can always provide the best option to suit your needs. However, we ask that the order is placed in a timely fashion, so that we can ensure that the right interpreters are available to meet your requirements.

Our interpreters will be glad to receive any supplementary materials (information booklets, glossaries or sample documents) to assist them in preparing for the upcoming event.

We guarantee our partners strict confidentiality. All our interpreters sign non-disclosure agreements.

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