Related Services

Related Services

All our related services are designed to improve the quality of our work and help our partners save time.

Event Management

We provide comprehensive linguistic support for events requiring either consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, as well as the translation of event materials. We also take care of the catering and accommodation for our interpreters.

Work with Documents Containing Classified Information

Because we have partners who are major players in the Russian defense industry, we have been granted permission to work with documents which contain classified information marked as:

■   “Top secret” – this includes military, economic, foreign-policy, scientific and technical documents; intelligence and counterintelligence data; information on investigative activities, the disclosure of which could have an adverse effect on certain departments (ministries) or economic sectors in one or several areas.

■   “Secret” – this includes all other classified information, the disclosure of which could harm the interests of institutions, organizations or enterprises engaged in military, foreign-policy, economic, scientific, technical, intelligence, counterintelligence or investigative activities.

Our licenses permit us to be party to any contract involving military and technical cooperation in Russia and abroad.


If a translated text is required in the same form as the source text, we can provide formatting services of any level of complexity, from the simple formatting of a text-based document to making drawings using specialized programs.

Digitizing materials

If only paper originals or copies of documents are available, we can digitize them and convert the text into an editable format to facilitate subsequent work.

Transcription of records

Audio or video materials must be submitted in an editable format. We can also transcribe handwritten texts for translation.

Voice-Over and Dubbing

The translated text is read out by a professional speaker and re-embedded in the original audio or video file.

Certification of Translations with the Company’s Seal

If you do not need your translation to be notarized, yet still require its correctness and accuracy to be verified, we can certify the documents after translation by attaching our seal.

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