Linguistic Audit

Linguistic Audit

Our work is not limited to the provision of interpretation and translation services. Quite often our partners ask us to assess or revise translated texts. Such tasks are solved with the help of a linguistic audit.

Our experts can comprehensively assess the accuracy of a translated text by checking grammatical structures and correctness of meaning (as compared to the original document) and by detecting any lexical or stylistic mistakes.

The results of the translation quality assessment are provided to the customer in the form of an expert opinion.

As part of the linguistic audit, you can also order such additional services as proofreading, stylistic editing, ensuring terminological consistency and adaptation of the text to the ultimate target audience.

Our linguistic audit services also include compilation of glossaries and termbases ensuring the use of customized termbases in the process of translation.

Our termbases are created on the basis of all the reference materials submitted by the customer plus analysis of translated texts with a vief of extracting new terms. When processing subsequent orders, the use of automated termbases helps to maintain terminological consistency, even if the translator is changed.

In addition to creating individual termbases for your company, our team also digitizes numerous industry-specific glossaries approved by the competent authorities. These glossaries can then be used when working with texts on related topics sent by the customers.

Translation quality assessment is closely related to the assessment of the translator’s competence, language proficiency and translation skills.

We always carry out the linguistic audit when selecting potential translators in order to ensure that their knowledge and skills are sufficient for translating texts on various topics.

Organization and preparation of work

In order to assess the quality of a target text the source text is also required as we need to compare the information given in the source text with the translated text, as well as to assess and preserve the stylistic and structural features.

We appreciate it when the materials are submitted in digital and editable formats. If only hard copies of documents are available or files include texts in the form of pictures, our experts will process and convert them to make subsequent work much easier.

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