Urgent Translation Services

Urgent Translation Services

The main features of our urgent translation services are the prompt processing of your order for translation and the delivery of the finished work to the customer within the established deadline.

As the subject-matter of texts submitted for urgent translation services can vary, our translators (as in the case of regular translations) are selected in accordance with their specialization.

We accept orders of any size, ranging from certificates and passports to entire tender packages.

Our translators produce high-quality texts at an average rate of eight standard pages a day. However, in the case of urgent orders, we can fast-track the work by dividing your order among several translators, each of whom will be responsible for a separate part of the whole order.

The larger the volume of work and the tighter the deadlines, the greater number of translators we employ to fulfill the order (this has a corresponding effect on the cost of the services). The individual parts are then brought together, and the whole text is proofread to ensure stylistic and terminological consistency.

You can help us enhance the speed and quality of our translations by providing us with any previously translated documents similar to those being submitted, the original texts, reference materials and glossaries. This means that there is no need to do contextual research and to translate from scratch. We use specially designed translation software to make the most of the materials that you provide.

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