Краткое описание того, о чём говорится в заголовке, и что дальше будет пояснено иконками с более подробным, развёрнутым описанием. Оптимальная величина — до трёх строк текста. Редактируется, через админку Wordpress, Отдельный для разных страниц.

In addition to an expert knowledge of industry-specific terms and text structuring approaches when working with pharmaceutical documents, we use such reference materials as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and other standards, as well as International, European and National Pharmacopoeias and pharmacopoeial monographs from manufacturers.

Over these years, we have translated many documents:

■   Texts related to clinical studies

■   License agreements

■   Contracts on production of active pharmaceutical ingredients

■   Supply contracts for diagnostic medical equipment and medical devices

■   Russian and international standards in the field of quality assurance when manufacturing drugs and medical devices

■   Scientific medical literature

■   Personal medical records

Wу translate:

■   Medical records (clinical reports, case records, patient history, laboratory and instrumental examination results, surgical records and expert opinions)

■   Documents related to clinical drug trials (clinical trial contracts, trial protocols, investigator’s brochures, informed consent forms and case report forms)

■   Pharmaceutical documents (medicine case files, medication guides, information for doctors and patients, quality control documentation)

■   Documents for medical equipment and instruments (operation instructions, manuals and descriptions)

■   News articles for medical websites

■   Popular medical literature

■   Medical literature (scientific articles and conference materials)

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