Translation of FEED Documents and EPC Contracts

FEED Documents and EPC Contracts

In Western engineering, planning estimates are typically drawn up in accordance with a FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) contract to document the survey and design stage.

The closest analogy in the Russian legal system is contracting or research and development agreements, while the package of documents is considered to represent intellectual property.

At the implementation stage, the parties enter into an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract, which is a classical example of a mixed agreement evolving from a contracting agreement. This is generally used to establish a fixed price for costly and lengthy turnkey construction contracts for technically complex facilities and gives the customer control over each stage of the execution of the work. Although EPC contracts are a relatively recent addition to Russian contract law, they are rapidly growing in usage.

As these contracts are often made internationally, FEED and EPC contracts are drawn up in English with parallel versions in the official languages of those countries in which the corporate counterparties are registered.

As a result, there is great demand for the translation of such contracts, and an all-round approach is required to deal with the different constituent documents. We create working groups of technical and legal translators and editors and compile a preliminary glossary of terms for subsequent approval by the customer.

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