Economic texts are diverse in both style and genre and have a wide range of application. As in any other specific field, the isolated and closed nature of the terminology requires, in some areas of economics, a certain level of expert knowledge in order to properly comprehend the text itself, especially when translating it.

Certain concepts are sometimes simply not present in the target language, so this requires special attention. We also work with numerous documents covering multiple specific fields, such as economic and technical and economic and legal.

We translate:

■   Economic reports, financial and accounting statements

■   Bank documents (guarantees, reports, bank statements and contracts)

■   Consignment notes, bills of lading, VAT and other invoices

■   Audit reports

■   Business plans, profit and loss statements

■   Technical and market research

■   Economic documents related to the financing of certain types of activities

■   Foreign economic activity reports

■   Feasibility studies

■   Tender document packages

■   Letters of guarantee

■   Business correspondence

■   Insurance documents

■   Commercial quotations

■   Economics and finance literature

■   Market research

■   Economic statistics

Our major partners: The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, UniCredit Bank

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