Audio and Video Translation

Audio and Video Translation

In the modern world, audio and video capabilities are widely used to efficiently transmit information in different areas, including the arts, media, business, science, education and business. The growing need for audio and video materials used in international communications has led to a corresponding need for their translation.

We offer a full range of multimedia translation and dubbing services, from video instructions, multimedia presentations, corporate films and dictaphone recordings to song lyrics and commercials.

The process of audio and video translation involves the following steps:

1.   The recorded speech must first be deciphered and transcribed into a text-based format. Please note that it takes around five to nine hours to transcribe one hour of sound material, as the recording needs to be listened to multiple times, in order to overcome challenging episodes and to recheck the transcription.

2.     Then we make a spotting list on the basis of this text file. This is when we divide the text into segments matching the duration of individual shots (or, in case of audio materials, the duration of individual phrases), which we mark up with time codes (indicating the in- and out-times of each audio/video and the relevant piece of text). This is to help us synchronize the translation with the original.

3.    After the preparatory work is done, the text is finally translated, edited and aligned with the established time-codes.

4.     We then embed our translation back into the media files in whichever form you require (subtitles, voice-over or dubbing). We engage audio editors and professional speakers or actors to perform this work. If you only require a transcript of the text used in the video or audio file, we can simply provide you with this transcript and translation in an editable format.

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