Fuel and Energy Complex

Fuel and Energy Complex

Technical translations constitute the main form of translating work in the fuel and energy sectors. The peculiarities of such documents are determined not by their types, but by the characteristics of the described facilities and used terminology.

As technical texts often contain numerous drawings, diagrams, tables and charts, we also provide services related to complex formatting in specialized programs.

We translate:

■   Technical descriptions and instructions

■   Design and regulatory documentation

■   Documents and technical specifications for equipment

■   Equipment and material catalogs

■   User manuals, set-up and operating instructions

■   Technical data sheets and supporting documents

■   Instructions for the installation, commissioning, adjustment and repair of industrial equipment

■   Empirical data from statistical studies

■   Technical drawings

■   Physical and mathematical calculations

■   Metrological calculations

■   Technical specifications and reports

■   Technical appendices or addenda to contracts for the supply of equipment or the construction of fuel and energy facilities

■   Operational materials and presentations

■   Documents for construction projects

■   Standards and regulations

■   Drawings, plans and diagrams

■   Russian and international standards

FEED documents and EPC contracts, which vary greatly in respect to their content

Our main partners and projects: Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Yamal Megaproject

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