Translation Services

Translation Services

Nowadays, there is a great demand for translation services, which is confirmed by the scope and variety of the orders we receive and the tasks commissioned by our partners.

We translate legal and financial documents, technical specifications and tender documents, marketing texts and business correspondence. You also can order translations of personal documents (certificates, statements, identification cards, passports, extracts, letters).

Over the years of our company’s existence, we have gained extensive experience in various fields of translation. As a result, we can always guarantee to fulfill your orders in an expert and timely manner.

We create a separate terminological database for every business partner, which allows us to translate similar documents in a consistent fashion. We are also constantly expanding our database of limited-field glossaries, enhancing the high quality of our services.

Cost of translation services is based on the following criteria:

■   Order volume in standard translation pages (1,800 characters with spaces)

■   Language pair and translation direction

■   Text complexity (specific area, availability of glossaries)

■   Required translation speed

■   Format of original materials (required digitizing and recognition)

■   Formatting complexity (compliance with the format of the source text)

All stages in the fulfillment of each order are agreed upon with our customers.

Digitizing and recognition services are classified as related services and will be rendered if the customer submits hard copies or files in which the text is represented in the form of pictures. We usually accept editable texts. In exceptional cases or if the text is not large, we can translate using only the hard copy, without digitizing and electronic recognition.

Formatting of the translated text also counts as related services. Depending on our partner’s needs and requirements, our experts can perform a simple translation of the text if it is only required for familiarization.

If the format and layout of the source text need to be preserved in the target text, it will be translated with subsequent formatting, including drawings of any complexity, by using specialized programs.

We adhere in our work to existing Russian and international standards. If the text submitted for translation has a significant number of terms and numerical values requiring multi-stage checking, preservation of stylistic homogeneity and special attention to terminological consistency, its translation will be accompanied by editing and proofreading.

The editing and proofreading of a target text are necessary stages in the processing of a text, so we include these services in the cost of the translation services provided in the quotation.

If necessary, we can notarize or attach our company’s seal to the translated text (this also counts as related services).

All ready materials will be sent via e-mail, although delivery by courier is also possible in the case of notarized documents.

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