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Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Equipment designed for simultaneous interpreting makes it possible not only to interpret in real time, but also allows several interpreters to work simultaneously with different language pairs.

If you only occasionally organize events with the participation of foreign guests, then the purchase of special simultaneous interpreting equipment may not justify the expense. In this case, renting is the best option, as this provides you with the necessary equipment solely for the required period.

We can provide you with our Bosch Integrus simultaneous interpreting equipment, which is installed and configured by our technicians and engineers. We can also select simultaneous interpreters for work with the required language pairs.

Our equipment is designed for an audience of up to seven hundred people and supports up to eight languages simultaneously. If necessary, it can be integrated with our conference system.

Our simultaneous translation equipment includes:

■   Soundproof booth (table-top or full-size)

■   Interpreter console with headphones and microphones (or headsets)

■   Transmitter

■   Radiators and/or wired language distribution system

■   Simultaneous interpreting signal receivers with headphones

Along with Brähler ICS AG and Sennheiser, Bosch is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of simultaneous interpreting equipment and conference systems. We use infrared audio transmission systems, which have many clear advantages:

■   No radio interference in rooms equipped with multiple radio devices

■   Guarantee of confidentiality (infrared radiation cannot penetrate walls, so there is a physical barrier preventing signals from being intercepted by third parties)

■   No risk of interference with other radio devices, such as other simultaneous interpreting systems installed in adjacent rooms

Organization and preparation of work

Please be aware that when ordering our comprehensive linguistic support (simultaneous interpreting, renting equipment and the services provided by our technicians and sound engineers) the time when such services are provided will not be the same as the length of the event itself. The installation and configuration of the equipment will take place one hour before the event, while we require additional time after the event for removing the equipment, charging the receivers, etc.

As an interpreter can only work for 15-30 minutes at a time, any longer presentation requires two interpreters to divide the work between them. To avoid any loss of information while the interpreters switch over, two pairs of headphones are required. Please remember to take this into account when renting your equipment.

There should be enough space for the simultaneous interpreter booths in the room in which the conference or round-table discussions will be held. The booths should be positioned in such a way that the interpreter can see the speaker and make use of any non-verbal communications (facial expressions or hand gestures) to clarify certain aspects.

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