Military-Industrial Complex

Military-Industrial Complex

Most of the work in this field involves the provision of linguistic support for military-equipment purchase and supply agreements, which requires the translation of legal, economic and, most importantly, technical documents.

It has recently become more common for countries to draw up these documents in their own national languages (e.g., Hindi, Chinese or Azerbaijani), rather than in English. The greatest challenge this poses is the development and standardization of the required terminology, as this may be completely lacking in a language in which this particular type of documentation has never been previously created.

We are currently working closely with our partners on this issue and have created a new terminology on the basis of the existing nomenclature in languages which have long been used in international relations and national defense (Russian, English, German, French, Arabic and Spanish).

The most important aspect of this work is not only to take into account the cultural characteristics of the state, the national language of which is being used to develop the terminology, but also to understand how the armed forces and defense industry of that particular country are organized.

We therefore ensure that we only employ highly-qualified military translators (or military translators in reserve) with the required knowledge and experience of working with classified documents.

Our major partners: The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation

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