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Translation and Interpretation Services

Translation services in Saint Petersburg

Over our history, we have amassed vast experience of working in many different fields of translation. We have assembled a team of highly-qualified specialists, allowing us to undertake orders on any subject and of any complexity in a fast and professional manner, handling any volume of work in the shortest possible timeframes.

We provide a wide range of translation and interpretation services:

1.  Translation Services, including:

Urgent Translation Services;

Document Legalization;

Linguistic Audit;

Audio and Video Translation.

2.   Interpretation Services:

Consecutive Interpretation; Simultaneous Interpretation.

3.   Services Related to Renting Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment.

4.   Other Related Services.

Depending on our customer’s requirements, we choose the optimal schedule for performing the translation services, select competent translators and agree upon the use of reference materials (if required). When providing interpretation services, we agree upon the time and place. When fulfilling your orders, we do everything we can to meet all of your requests.

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